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Standard Cut

Our tees feature a slim-fit cut, so they are more tapered around the middle than a regular fit shirt. We use cotton that has gone through a three step process to create a soft feel against your skin. This shirt is laundered so it will fit the same after a wash as it does from the day you got it.


Our materials are all about the way it feels against your skin. We use 100% combed ringspun over preshrunk cotton because it provides the best feeling on your body. But we also use a higher thread count to give a softer feel than regular cotton. Our tees use 32 singles thread count.

Our Process

To achieve the smoothest softest feeling cotton it undergoes a two step process. First, it is spun to soften and straighten the fibers. This step tightly twists the cotton fibers so they are stronger, smoother and finer than before. Next, the cotton is combed to remove coarse inconsistent fibers along with any impurities to improve the feel and quality of the cotton. 


Minimalist clothing for life in the Northern Hemisphere.

Live a SWD life.

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